Letter 1:


I know you are very busy coming up with things to say to the church, but I have a very important question to ask you. In Genesis 1:1, God created the heavens and the earth… but who created God? Where did God come from? My Dad says He has always existed, but how can that be?

Please write back soon,
Mr. Smarty-pants

Mr. Smarty-pants,

We just read the letter you sent us. You asked a very good question… one that kinda hurts your head, huh? If God made everything, then who made God? Where did God start, if He did start anywhere? Let’s think about this together.

When you walk into the living room, your mother might ask you, “Where did you come from?” She wants to know if you walked from your bedroom, or the kitchen, or maybe even outside. When you see someone at church, they might ask you, “Where did you come from?” They want to know if your family drove here from your house, or Walmart, or maybe even McDonalds. Any time someone asks the question, “Where did you come from?” they want to know where you were before. Where were you before you were here?

When we ask God this question, “Where did You come from, God?” He gives us a one-of-a-kind answer: “I’ve always been here.” God didn’t come from anywhere! Everything in the universe came from somewhere, but God doesn’t come from anywhere. This is the first important truth I would like you to think about: God didn’t come from anywhere, He has always been here.

The second important truth I would like you to think about is this: God is not a story. Now I know that sounds silly, so let me explain what I mean. Every story has a beginning, right? Some really good stories begin with, “Once upon a time…” Movie stories have a beginning. Book stories have a beginning. Bedtime stories have a beginning. All stories have a beginning! So God is not a story: He doesn’t have a beginning. He doesn’t have a first page, or a first line, or a first movie scene. God doesn’t start anywhere, He just exists the same way day after day after day.

On the other hand, the universe is one, great big story. The stars are part of this story – so are the mountains, trees, meadows, dogs, cats, clouds, streets, cars, and people. You are part of this story. Everything that exists is part of one, great big story. You know what that means? It means that everything has a beginning. The whole universe started somewhere.

Well, if the universe is a story, then who is telling the story? Every story has to have a storyteller, right? This is where God comes in. God is not a story, He is the storyteller. The universe – all of history and time – is one, great big story that God is telling. God doesn’t have a beginning, but His story has a beginning. He tells us the start of His story in Genesis 1, “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” God existed before the story even began, and He didn’t begin anywhere, because He isn’t a story.

If you can’t wrap your head around this truth, don’t be mad or sad about it. God is a big, great God, and we are small, tiny humans. We will never understand God all the way. If you could wrap your head around God, He wouldn’t be bigger than you! But He is much greater and bigger than you are. Sometimes trying to understand God is like trying to fit a whole swimming pool into a cup – it just won’t fit! God’s greatness just won’t fit inside our small brains.

So instead of trying to understand God all the way, we have to be happy with understanding Him part of the way. God didn’t come from anywhere, and He is not a story. God has always been here, and He has no beginning.

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