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Today is sanctity of life Sunday. This is the day churches across this nation will rejoice in the life of the unborn. Or, to put it another way: this is the day we remind everyone that America is bathing in the blood of her children. “America the beautiful” has beautified herself with the corpses of her young. “The land of the free” has enslaved her children. “The home of the brave” is ironically also the home of churches who turn a blind eye to genocide.

Planned Parenthood has made a business of dismembering babies and selling the leftovers. Our government has been made aware of this, and yet Planned Parenthood is still in business. Even a two-year, Republican majority in the House, Senate, and Presidency, failed to bring justice for the unborn in our nation. Conservatives are good at complaining about abortion, but our words are meaningless until abortion is actually outlawed – that is to say, until we put our morality where our mouth is.

Today is also the day we remind everyone that God knows what’s going on. If God heard the blood of Abel crying out from the ground for justice, can you imagine how loud the blood of millions of babies must be? Heaven is filled with their demands for justice. And if God banished Cain for one act of murder, how much more severe will the wrath to come be?

There came a point in the Old Testament when Israel’s prophets stopped preaching repentance, and just started warning everyone they were about to suffer the consequences. There came a point when Israel had gone so far into sin, that God stopped calling them back from it. Have we reached that point? Has our nation gone too far? Will God wipe us off the map next year, next decade?

Today is the day we plead for mercy on behalf of our nation, and the day we earnestly call our American brothers and sisters to repentance. “Stop now! Stop before the gavel falls and the flood waters begin to rush in!”

Welcome, church, to Sanctity of Life Sunday. By God’s grace, we won’t have to have another one next year.

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