The Bruised Reed is shifting gears. On May 1, we are launching a new monthly publication called TBR. This will feature five or six articles previously published on The Bruised Reed, but revised and edited. This will impact out site in the manner of editing. Whereas up to this point we have focused on polishing articles on the website, we will now direct most of these efforts towards polishing articles for TBR.

You may sign-up for this publication for free at the TBR page on our website (sign up here). Here are some quick facts about TBR:

  • Free – no strings attached
  • When published, only downloadable from The Bruised Reed site
  • Published on the first day of every month (excluding Sabbaths)
  • Articles revised and edited from website
  • Formatted for PDF viewing and easy printing on 8.5×11″ paper
  • Some new material, in the manner of correspondence and news

Let me explain the last point above (“correspondence and news”). Three sections of new material will be featured in this publication. First, there will be an opening letter from the proprietor: “From the Sheriff.” Second, there will be included any noteworthy letters we receive regarding TBR, whether commendations or critiques. Third, there will be a news section at the end called “The Calvinist Clarion” (TCC) which will feature news from the Reformed world. TCC will have a few month’s worth of trial runs, to see whether or not we want to continue doing it.

One of the main concerns with doing a publication of this manner is whether or not we can be consistent. For this reason, we have waited until ample material is at our disposal. At the moment, we have enough material to publish TBR through the month of January, 2021.

As a final note, if you are interested in writing for TBR, you may reach out through the Contact page on our site. Send us a message and we will get back with you to request your submission. We make no promises concerning whether or not a submission will be published, and we do not compensate authors (or anyone, for that matter… do you think we’re making money on this?!).


James W. Gunter

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