Control over society may boil down to control over the dictionary and the narrative. A virus, with a median .05% infection fatality rate for people under 70 (example), made landfall and immediately specific terms and phrases were copyrighted. We should wear masks to love our neighbor. We have to come together to fight the virus. May I suggest that, just because someone in authority uses a word, this does not mean they are using it correctly?

The purpose of the terminology is to control the narrative. If you control which words can be used to write the story, you have a gatehouse with which to control the story itself. The narrative around here is that C19 is deadly, destructive, and a menace to human life as we know it. Just look at what the virus has done to our country this year! …was it the virus, or was it the government response to the virus?

We stay home to decrease transmission rates, and we’re told this is “sheltering in place.” Sheltering implies a substantial threat. When gracious civil magistrates finally allow us to leave home, the tagline reads, “That mean virus kept you apart, but we have saved you from that oppressive master and reunited you!” – like this poor couple. The virus did not keep them apart; civil government kept them apart, and for no good reason. I thought separating families was the end-all societal sin? These are poor policies when we don’t even know who has the fatal disease.

So, I am glad to see that some people are simply not going to take any more of it – like these rowdy seniors. That is the sensible thing to do, to simply say, “No more. I’m going to be a normal person again – you can be crazy if you wish.”

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