A full calendar year has ended, which happens to have been the first such year for The Bruised Reed. It’s been a great year. Let’s look at some numbers.

Some Numbers

In 2020, The Bruised Reed published 91 articles and 153, 216 words (1684 words/article). In addition, eight volumes of tBR were sent-out, which contained 36 articles, over 70,000 words, and more than a thousand Scripture references from 46 books of the Bible. We’ve been busy.

We began publishing in September of 2019. Comparing September-December of 2019 with September-December of 2020, our daily viewing average jumped from 3.5 to 10.5, with all four months reporting an increase. In all, 1246 people visited The Bruised Reed in 2020. Our top three most popular posts were “Why Arkansas Churches Should Not Adhere to the Proposed Guidelines of the Governor,” “Made in China,” and “A Conversation about Masks.”

In terms of publication frequency, we had two major droughts. June-July was the biggest, in which time we published only two articles. November was another drought, when we only published one. January and September were our busiest months, publishing 15 and 14 articles, respectively.


Our most popular articles in 2020 were those which dealt with COVID-19 related issues. I doubt this will change much 2021. China will also be a big topic. Theologically speaking, Critical Race Theory may grab the spotlight. Church History and Pentecostalism are other topics we have been preparing to address in depth in 2021.

Many of our categories will continue to be built upon as time allows, such as “In the Expanse of the Heavens,” “MacArthur and the Investigator,” “The New City Catechism,” “Eschatology,” “Hymnplumbary,” “Ecclesiastes,” “Sacrament,” and “Patrostork.”

There are multiple larger projects in the works at The Bruised Reed. The plan is to release these in 2021 (but who knows? no promises). For the Going Well will be finished and formatted into a single volume. A Christmas collection titled Scold, Frank Sense, and Smirk will be released in the Fall, which will basically be reworked Christmas Clydesdale pieces. Finally, we also want to put together an entry level apologetics book titled Defending Lions. The material has already been created, we just need to compile and edit it (which is actually a lot of work).

Join us this year for more theology off the plantation!

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