Revised 29 April 2021 due to tCC and NMP changes.

There’s a lot more going on around here than there was a year ago today. I want to take a moment to explain clearly (once and for all – with no chance of being misunderstood – clear as mud) what exactly is going on here. I’ll approach the matter through a series of questions. Actually, let’s just go full-blown catechism.

Question One: What is The Bruised Reed?
Answer: The Bruised Reed is a publishing ministry intent on advancing a Reformed, conservative worldview.

Question Two: So… like, what do you guys do?
Answer: We create things. We mainly write, but we also delve into video and audio. Whatever it is, we create it to advance a Reformed, conservative worldview.

Question Three: Cool. What is the primary, bread-and-butter thing you do?
Answer: Blog. And that’s how it all got started.

Question Four: Do you have any special projects going on right now (besides blogging, I mean)?
Answer: We have one primary projects aside from the raw content that feeds into our blog: tBR. We used to publish a news piece in tBR called The Calvinist Clarion, but it is temporarily discontinued. We are also throwing around the idea of a YouTube-Podcast hybrid. Stay tuned.

Question Five: What is tBR?
Answer: tBR is a monthly publication of scattershot articles, mainly comprised of revised pieces from the blog. It is kind of like a monthly newsletter that gets mailed to subscribers.

Question Six: If I want to tap into everything you guys are doing, where should I go?
Answer: First, subscribe to the blog. Second, go to the “tBR” page on the website and subscribe. Third, follow/like us on social media platforms. That’s pretty much it.

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