A year ago today (March 8, 2020), I pulled my car over and journaled some thoughts on whelming government overreaches that would very soon morph into lockdowns. That entry was as follows:

Civil government should be shrewd with criminals and meek with “Susans.” It should be pitiless before the law-breaking and lowly before the law-abiding. God gave us the common grace of civil government as an elder brother on the playground – the one who stands behind us when the bullies walk up. Civil government, when fulfilling its God-ordained duties, is a blessing from the Lord.

What many of us in the United States are waking up to is the reality that our federal government has flipped its marching orders. Today, we find our civil government going soft on criminals and cracking down on the “Susans.” This is magisterial apostasy, and it is as reprehensible as your elder brother holding you down so the bully can give you one square in the jaw.

Along with outright repentance, civil government needs to be reminded that this corruption comes with consequences. Our Father will not be pleased to find His orders so flippantly cast aside.

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