What happened in Washington DC on January 6 was not nearly as insane as many would have you believe. The significance was mostly symbolic. In both the Capitol Hill charge and the electoral verification, we saw once-for-all who won the 2020 slugfest, and what course the American river would be taking for years to come.

On the one hand, we could say Civility won and Trumpism lost. That is a true statement. On the other hand, we could say that Modernity won and Medievalism lost. That would be another true statement. On the one foot, we could say that Democratic Socialism won and Capitalism lost. Again, true. On the other foot, we could say that Dubious Villainy won and the American Church lost. Now that’s a statement Beth Moore would cringe at.

Many dates contend to mark the fall of Christianity in the United States. Among recent events, we have June 26, 2016, when the Supreme Court legitimized homosexual mirage. We could even go back to 1973 when abortion was legitimized (also by the Supreme Court). I think January 6, 2021 is another good contender. This is the day that everyone could clearly point to and say, “Leftists won control of the government, the church having neutered and divided itself over BLM and the pandemic.”

This is a battle that has been raging for almost two centuries. Slowly but surely, wicked men and powers of darkness have seized control of this Protestant powerhouse. January 6 was not part of the battle; it was the morning after when a red sun beheld pale bodies strewn across a field under a sheet of blood and sweat, taps floating overhead. America died a while ago. We are experiencing, not convulsions on the deathbed, but claustrophobia in the coffin.


I want to carefully and humbly and unapologetically put my finger on what I think 2020 actually was, in the final analysis. Put simply, it was a minefield for anyone thinking with their bowels. Our standards of righteousness were exposed. We entered January hot on the heels of Russian collusion, flirted with WWIII, transitioned to worldwide lockdowns (during which Black Lives Matter pushed critical theory down our throats), and ended with a tangled mess of an election. People have taken sides on justice in all of these matters. In this, we see weights and measures, standards by which people determine what things should be like, how people should act, etc…

…but are they equal weights and measures? Have we evaluated 2020 with a yard-stick of righteousness? The simplest and best way to stay consistent is to submit ourselves to the Word of God. The world wants man’s law (which is inconsistent), and many Christians want to reform the world by man’s law. Christians should know better; God’s law is the only answer. God’s law is the only option that allows for equal weights and measures across the board. Let’s peak into three 2020 threads that demonstrate this point.


For years, the 2016 Presidential Election was said to have been determined by Russian hacks. There was only miniscule evidence that Russia was involved in any capacity, and in the end, it was revealed to be no more than “typical.” Some called for Trump’s removal from office and/or impeachment on related schemes. Others would not hear any collusion talk from the beginning, and would not support any type of investigation.

As a Christian, I am able to hold two things together. First, Trump Derangement Syndrome is a poor judge. Second, that Russia would tamper with our elections is not a ridiculous idea. In the end, a fair investigation would be the answer. This means that a multi-year Hollywood chick-flic of an investigation is off the table.

The unequal weights and measures were clearest in the 2020 election, shortly after the Russian Collusion narrative culminated. We witnessed massive irregularities in Biden’s campaign trail and voter turn-out, the mail-in ballot fiasco, and dozens of election laws blatantly ignored or changed at the last minute. A whiff of a suspicious inference about Russian tampering in the electoral process sent millions into “that’s not my President” mode, but clear-cut, Scooby-doo level clues in 2020 amount to, “shut up, you anarchists.” People who turn a blind eye to this inconsistency don’t care much about righteousness. They clearly have things higher on the agenda.

As a Christian, I am able to hold two things together. First, if Biden won fairly, then he won. Period. Second, if there is a reasonable suspicion of electoral compromise, then there needs to be an investigation. This response is congruent with the response provided above regarding any irregularities in the 2016 election. This is the “equal weights and measures” response, but we have lived through the “whine to get my way” response.


The rationale behind lockdowns was that saving even one person’s life was worth uprooting our economy and the livelihood of middle class families (primarily small businesses). This crisis was such that the civil magistrate ordered local churches to stop meeting. However, BLM gatherings were almost universally sanctioned by civil magistrates, despite their consistently breaking government COVID-19 protocol. In this, we learned that the civil magistrate is not against church gatherings; they are only against unsanctioned church gatherings. The United States government is only against certain, not all, state churches. The church of Jesus Christ is not a privileged group, but the church of BLM, outfitted with liturgical Marxism, is holy, and is thereby sanctioned to perform rites and rituals in the middle of a pandemic.

The double standard is disappointing, but unsurprising. With civil magistrates having little concern for equal weights and measures, it was inevitable that different standards would be used to treat different groups in 2020. There is one consistent principle regarding lockdowns, I guess: anything that is tearing down Western civilization may continue.

Police Shootings

On May 25, 2020, Black Lives Matter found its lightning rod in the death of George Floyd. The movement pressed a thumb on cities, politicians, police departments, and citizens to accept a narrative of systematic racism, the genocide of blacks, and the atheistic worldview of critical theory. Time and time again, the following pattern has repeated itself: 1) a police officer shoots a black person, 2) a public outrage ensues, calling for said officer to be condemned, 3) the judicial system does what it does, 4) a verdict is passed, whether condemning or vindicating those involved, 5) a siren is blared that the verdict does not solve the problem.

#2 is the first problem. It belongs, if anywhere, at the end, after a thorough investigation and trial. Let the court of law meet before the court of public opinion lowers the gavel. #5 is typical of the entire woke scene, in which there is no true solution or repentance, no true forgiveness or lasting restitution for sin. There is only ever conflict and struggle – which, coincidentally, is how Marx viewed history: the clash of classes.

As a Christian, I can hold two distinct things together without mixing or compromising them. First, I can want true, actual, name-brand justice. All variables normative, a black man who assaults a police officer during a traffic stop should face all the condemnation and judgment our courts offer. All variables normative, a police officer who shoots an unarmed black man for looking suspicious should face all the condemnation and judgment our courts offer. I don’t have to interpret such events by an exclusively black or blue lens. Second, I can oppose ethnic prejudice (racism) in all of its forms. All people are created in the image of God, and are thereby worthy of dignity and respect.


The curious case of 2020 is a study in sporadic whims. It didn’t make sense. It wasn’t logical. It was wild, mindless, and tumultuous, like a ship adrift at sea, like a forrest fire. I like that second comparison, so let’s run with it for a minute.

Last year was the burning of American civilization. Fire doesn’t think or choose where to go, it simply destroys what is holds. Truth be told, this country has been burning for a long time. Disciples of Wollstonecraft, Darwin, and others have been, for centuries, raking the dead leaves of Christendom into a long line and throwing matches at various points. 2020 was the next step: dousing the line with gasoline.

The burning will continue, but there is at least one more stage before the smoldering and settling. If you have ever burned a line of leaves, then you know the sensation of being suddenly caught with a face full of smoke. On a windy day, the white plumes drift in a typical direction, but every so often they suddenly “about face.” With a change of the breeze, what blew North suddenly blows South, and you are left with smoke in your eyeballs. This will continue to happen to the arsonists who started the American dumpster blaze. Those who lit the fire will have the tables turned on themselves and be destroyed. This has already happened to the feminists. Feminism blossomed into generic sexual liberty, which evolved into a third-stage Pokémon called “Transgenderism,” and now, suddenly, men are dominating women’s sports. An older example of this would be Lenin in Soviet Russia.


If you know what sin is at the root, then last year was not surprising. If you know what Critical Theory, Marxism, atheism, etc. are really about, then 2020 was inevitable and right on schedule. Which is to say, if you see the world through Biblical eyes, with a Christian worldview, then you have the means of understanding, even anticipating, all of this. This is not a prophetic anticipation, but a logical one – the kind of anticipating that says, “Hey man, if you keep driving that car without oil, then you are going to find yourself on the side of the road.” This is the kind of anticipation you had when Marlin and Dory came across a trio of sharks. When you heard, “Fish are friends, not food,” you smirked and mumbled, Sure… I know what’s about to happen. Sharks are carnivores. It’s in the DNA. Well, when someone says, “I’m from the government, and I’m here to help,” we should all be smirking. Sure… I know what’s about to happen.

So, it’s safe to anticipate more fire and smoke, more 2020’s, more gaffs, and more headless chickens. This bus is not operated by righteousness. We are not being led by equal weights and measures. That’s what we learned, once and for all, last year.

The bewildering irony is how far people – sinners – will go to act like nothing is wrong. This is what we want. We wanted these horrible consequences the whole time. Finally, we can have the curses of unbelief and disobedience. Imagine Jews being carted off to Babylon and forcing, “Yes, I was hoping for this… just what we had in mind.” It’s like trying to keep a straight face while swallowing an avocado pit. It’s going to get stuck, you are going to pass out, and the guy across the street is going to smirk, saw that one coming…

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