The Place and Nature of “Science”

By now, forcing people to strap diapers to their faces is common practice among civil magistrates. The roots of the Huggies Hitler reaches into the religion of science. Science by definition is a practice of inference, not deduction. Scientists employ deduction, but their conclusions and results are not so. Logic and its child Mathematics, for example, can deal in absolutes. Science does not deal in absolutes. It inquires into objective realities, but the understanding it arrives upon is never dogmatic. This is evident in how many paradigm shifts have occurred in our understanding of the universe – in fact, one seems to be occurring right now for subatomic particles (see here).

Humans throughout history have experienced such paradigm shifts, not because the universe is fundamentally changing, but because our understanding of it keeps changing. We keep getting things wrong. We continue to use fallacious arguments. The search to understand creation is righteous and necessary, but we are wrong to consider the craft perfected.

This is one reason I chuckle to myself when someone chimes, “Religion is fine for you, but I prefer an empirical basis for life. I believe in science.”

We learn scientific facts, right? As if we are finished with the paradigm shifts, as if inferences based on observations are deductive arguments for necessary conclusions. As if. The point, again, is not that the universe fundamentally changes. Whatever we have gotten right in our observations of creation will remain correct, because the universe is maintained by the word of God (Hebrews 1:3). The rub is when we ask, “What have we gotten right?”

To continue working towards a comprehension of creation, the main thing we need is a bended knee to the one, true God. When God is our sovereign, everything subordinate to him, and therefore subservient to scrutiny. If we worship the one, true God, then we smelt no golden calves. We let nothing reign us absolutely, because Christ already fills that position. He is the incarnate God; we have no need for idols.

Sacred Cow in a Lab Coat

“Science,” whatever that really is, has gradually filled a religious hole in the United States. There is a “scientific community,” which has come to imply that science is something you are admitted to, not something you do (like scholarship). Scientists have credentials. Scientific theories are promulgated as facts, necessary truths, and undeniable creeds. Those of us who have not subjected ourselves to the rigorous tasks of scientific research are culpable, though. We have readily and unflinchingly come with a willing spirit to this odd religious phenomenon.

There is some good work being done (especially in fields that are not dealing with hot-topics), and even some of the scientists who fit the bill I am printing would at least pay lip service to a world in which all sacred cows are melted. We the people, the plebs, the masses, are chiefly responsible for the inauguration of this religion. We are the ones who grabbed Aaron and demanded a golden calf, this time with a white coat.

Scientists are our prophets. We christen them with degrees and send them atop various mountains to seclude themselves until they have received an oracle. We take that divine word and publish it, praise it, pulverize people with it, and label anyone who doubts it an unbeliever – I mean, a fundamentalist, because there is no “belief” in science. That’s one of the rules.

Those who doubt the dogma of our prophets, our mediators of truth, are heretics. They are dangerous and should at the very least be kept-up with. We indoctrinate our children with this dogma, and have thankfully discontinued the unorthodox options – for example, in public schools, teaching Darwinian evolution and prohibiting intelligent design.

“Science” has become, not the humble and inviting discipline of honing-in on a proper understanding of creation, but the idol of secularism. Our country relates to science as the church relates to Christ.

Pardon My King James

Now, this religion of science is one of the roots of our emergent mask society. We were acquainted with the rules of the game a long time ago – if “scientists” say x, then denying x is an abandonment of reason and truth. We were instructed, well before 2020, on the infallibility of our erudite prophets. Our response to the C19 situation has always been inevitable.

The word was, “This virus is deadly,” and, “It is killing so many people,” and, “You must get vaccinated,” and, “You must wear a mask,” and, “You must not go to school,” and, “You must quarantine if you travel,” and, “You must socially distance,” and, “You must not sing in church,” and so on. The revelation was given by our apostles, disseminated by our heralds and preachers (i.e. media), and received by us, the faithful. And I’m thinking, “Holy cow, Evangelicals are capable of hearing and believing sacred words. It just depends on what god they come from.”

Such doctrines have been the teaching of our commune. Heretics who deny it – like the naughty climate change deniers – are dangerous and should be silenced. I hope you’re aware of roughly how many academic critiques of the C19 response have been given no hearing in the “scientific community.” I can’t link to most of them because the links I saved don’t work anymore. This is the cultish habit of canceling dialogue. The cult dogma is so far-out and ridiculous that sustained, charitable conversations would result in a mask-exodus, and so those conversations have to be shut down. We have to control what the people hear and what information they have access to.

And so, to sanctify the people of our cult, we give them a sign of the covenant: masks. The covenant is that relationship between the people and their civil overlords, in which the lords promise life, and the people give that life back to the lords in slavery. In a word: totalitarianism. Our circumcision is a mask. Our good works are distancing and solidarity signaling online, but chiefly our vaccination. That vaccine card is the emblem of our faith.

This lends itself to actual violence (i.e. not microaggressions) and oppression. Like, for instance, a Canadian church having to go under-ground because their building was seized by the government. Or again, a UK man arrested and facing insane fines and/or prison time for breaking the sacred COVID laws (here). The Diaper Cult is out for you. Pamper the face or face the police.

A good visual of this movement might be God’s promise to Hagar in Genesis 16:

And the angel of the Lord said to her, “Behold, you are pregnant and shall bear a son. You shall call his name Ishmael, because the Lord has listened to your affliction. He shall be a wild donkey of a man, his hand against everyone and everyone’s hand against him, and he shall dwell over against all his kinsmen.”


This sect of post-modernism is an ass (pardon my King James). It is a wild ass of a cult, which means uncontrollably violent. It is not constructive or reformational. It is a fire, a bulldozer, a wrecking ball, a Mongolian horde, a drunken blitzkrieg. There will be no utopia after Fauci has completed his tenure as high priest. This movement is not going to build anything – do you understand that? It will tear down, but it will not build up. And plugging your children into the radical, violent system of mask-loving, vaccine-praising, and civil government-deifying will be like throwing them into a blender.

This ass is wild. It is violent. You can’t tame it with your watered-down faith. You can’t house-train it with your empathy. It will kick, indiscriminately and blindly, until it kills over.


There is only one alternative to the Diaper Cult: the church. Melt the calf and burn the lab coat. Bow down to Christ. With Christ as our head, the King of kings, we have an ambition and a mandate to treat no one else as if they hold such an office. There is only one on David’s throne. So, I will not indiscriminately believe what paganism tells me is true. I will do my best to judge all things with righteous judgment.

And my great tactic in the face of this wild ass will be to shout, “Hosanna!” because I am under the second Adam, who specializes in taming the wild. He once road into Jerusalem on the back of an ass (Mark 11:1-11), and one day He will return on the back of every other wild ass that thrashed and hawed against the advancement of His kingdom. He will return with every enemy under Him, under His feet, and that includes the Diaper Cult.

I don’t know when, but sooner or later, this animal will be castrated and put down, and the kingdom of Heaven will grow taller and stouter from it. And the true and greater Samson will take the jaw-bone and slay His enemies left and right, sunrise to sunset, sea to shining sea. Some will be crushed, some will repent, and all will hand over their riches to the kingdom of this Christ (Ecclesiastes 2:26). In this way, my salvation comes on the back of an ass; the foolishness of God is wiser than men (1 Corinthians 1:25).

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