If you are embattled with sin and dissatisfied with the whole thing, you should know such warfare is poor evidence that you belong outside of Christ. Repentance isn’t clean. Repentance is rough and gritty. It is the one who makes peace with sin that is in danger of hell-fire, not the one who makes war. Be strong in the Lord. Jesus is greater than sin, and through Him, we will have final rest from the war.

Of course, we need not wait for Christ’s second coming to enjoy freedom. Jesus is not only greater, He is better than sin. His excellence is of such joy as to cast the blandest of shades upon transgression. Jesus makes our sinful delicacies appear disgusting.

Therefore, turn a clenched fist and a happy cry towards iniquity. Sin doesn’t pull punches. It crouches at the door like an assassin (Genesis 4:7). So, you don’t pull punches either. The Puritans wrote about the discipline of mortification, which is to put sin to death – to kill, not to wound. After this, there must be vivification, which is to make Christ clear before us – to seek and gaze upon Him. Let the glory of Christ deal with the impulses of your flesh. The answer to your struggle is to see something more glorious.

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