Many tasks I do in any given week are minimally constraining. They are the kind of tasks that don’t occupy my mind constantly (e.g. commuting). Because of this, audio files are a big part of how I consume information, and podcasts are my preferred method. I’ve racked-up a descent list of preferred subscriptions, so I would like to share some of these with you. Maybe there is something here that you’ll find interesting and helpful.

Top 5

Luther in Real Time

This is by-far the best podcast I’ve listened to in the past six months. It is a special, temporary show that chronicles the events of Martin Luther’s life exactly 500 years ago, regarding the Diet of Worms. Check it out while it is still available.

The Plodcast

I’ve followed The Plodcast from Day One. This is a great place to get a synthesis of Douglas Wilson’s work, from book reviews, to ground-level exegesis, to cultural commentary.

Reformed Forum

If I had to choose one podcast to credit with teaching me the most over the last half-decade, I would have to choose the Reformed Forum. This podcast features a variety of shows. I delete about half of them, but the other half are always incredibly insightful and edifying. They can get quite technical, though, so if you are looking for lighter listening, this may not be a good subscription for you.

Fight Laugh Feast Network

One subscription to this podcast will input a ton of shows into your feed. It can be slightly annoying at times if you don’t care to listen to half of them, but most shows and episodes are quality, regardless. I keep up with The Theology Pugcast, Daily News Brief, and CrossPolitic. Other good shows include In the Bullpen (baseball) and AD.

The History of Rome

This is one of my favorite podcasts. The series has actually been over for awhile, but episodes are still available. The show traces the history of Rome from beginning to end. It is informative, digestible, detailed, and oddly nostalgic. Also, for those who teach from the New Testament often, this podcast greatly increases your knowledge of the New Testament world.

Honorable Mentions

5 Minutes in Church History

Stephen Nichols’ consistent work on this project truly deserve recognition. These are reliably brief and accurate lessons in church history, dating back quite a few years.

Alpha and Omega Ministries

This is the podcast channel of James White, baptist apologist from Arizona. On this subscription, you will stay up-to-date on The Dividing Line and Radio Free Geneva. There are some periods of time when I skip White’s broadcasts, but I typically find them engaging and informative.

Bible Reading Challenge

A ministry of Christ Church, Moscow, ID, this podcast serves as a running commentary on Scripture. These are thick episodes communicated in the form of conversation and interview. This is a particularly helpful show for Bible teachers.

Blog & Mablog

As the title suggests, this features Douglas Wilson’s blog articles recorded as audio files. When I don’t have time to read his pieces on the computer, I find this podcast to be a helpful resource. And, they are read by Wilson himself, which is very helpful for points of emphasis within said articles.

Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History

This is a show I was only recently told about, but I am already enjoying it thoroughly. If you enjoy history, I recommend this show.

Stories Are Soul Food

A fairly new podcast from N. D. Wilson and Brian Kohl. This podcast generally focuses on writing fiction, with many personal examples and stories from Wilson. It’s a fun show that routinely teaches me something.

The Westminster Standards

In these older recordings, Sinclair Ferguson walks through the Westminster Confession of Faith. Aside form his amazing accent, he also offers an incredibly helpful synthesis of historical and theological commentary. I listened to it over a year ago, but I’m planning to go through it again soon.

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