The below listen people and ministries/institutions are identified as having remained faithful amidst the onslaught of critical theory.


John MacArthur, Phil Johnson, James White, Tom Buck, Owen Strachan, Voddie Baucham, Paul Washer, Darrel B. Harrison, Virgil Walker, Douglas Wilson, Toby Sumpter, Tom Ascol, Jared Longshore, Jeff Durbin, Summer Jaeger, Rachel Jankovic, Jim Hamilton, N. D. Wilson, Nate Pickowicz, Neil Shenvi, A.D. Robles, Dustin Benge, Samuel Sey.


Grace to You, Founders Ministries, Alpha and Omega Ministries, Just Thinking Podcast, Canon Press, City of God Podcast, New Saint Andrews College, The Fight Laugh Feast Network, Apologia, Sovereign Nations, Wretched Radio, Christ Church Moscow ID, Sheologians, Slow to Write, Ligonier, Reformanda Ministries